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There’s a saying by the ancient philosophers "the eyes are the mirror of the soul and the mouth is a door to the soul”. The clarity of your eyes and teeth are the picture of your wellbeing. For that reason, we give the highest priority to aesthetics in stomatology. One of the most important impulses of every patient, child or parent, in requiring orthodontic treatment is an aesthetic one. Thus, the efforts of the professional teams from our Institute are directed towards one aim – to achieve the best aesthetic results for our patients. Our most important task is to achieve a wide, beautiful smile as a final result, through correcting dentoalveolar and jaw anomalies, and by redressing the morphological balance and harmony of the facial musculature.

The high standards in AESTHETIC STOMATOLOGY are imposed by urban trends of living, and the patients' desire therefore is to achieve as high a cosmetic effect as possible.

This is where the interest in implantology comes from, and much of our attention is directed towards this field. The use of reconstructive surgery, complemented by the most up-to-date bone substitutes, biomembranes and implants, raise the aesthetics to the best desired level. Through the use of zirconium as a modern material, especially in the prosthetic segment, dental implantology has used the achievements from non-metallic ceramics, therefore overcoming the disadvantages from the past and reaching the highest esthetic level.

Cosmetic reconstruction is a reproduction of the tooth for aesthetic reasons, without using metal. So, the reconstruction of the tooth is not only a restitution of the dental aesthetics of patients, but it also has an economic impact. Our sophisticated working techniques, using materials which reproduce the tooth substances completely, combined with the personal capabilities of our personnel, succesfully regains the natural look of your teeth. The result is that you feel far more comfortable and satisfied with your looks.


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