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The history of the Dental Clinical Centre dates from 1948/49 year, when the Clinic of Mouth, Teeth and Jaw diseases was founded, as a part of the Faculty of Medicine in Skopje. In 1975, the Institute was relocated from two old, damaged buildings into new modern premises – the present day Dental Clinical Centre. Nowadays, two parallel areas of activities are conducted at the Institute - the educational process, including specializations, and post–graduate studies, and dental treatments in the clinic.

Since its foundation the University Dental Institute has made continuous dynamic progression in introducing new technology and equipment, and best dental methods in restorative, reconstructive and aesthetic dentistry.

The organization of series of workshops, congresses, educational courses, seminars and symposiums at the University Dental Institute is an assurance of permanent development of the dental profession in the Republic of Macedonia. Dentists from the public dental service and the private sector are being educated here at the Institute in accordance with the latest developments in the world.

The University Clinical Centre is a leading educational institution in dentistry, which offers dental services of high quality and possesses the most up-to-date equipment and technology. Our modern VIP rooms and reception are for government representatives, diplomatic corps and foreign missions as well as Big Smile International clients.

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