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The Clinic for Restorative Dentistry and Endodontics is a University Clinic, with a medical team comprised of University professors, dentist-specialists and general practitioners. We take special diagnostic care before any dental treatment, and our integrated work is adapted to achieve the best results for you.

After an in-depth examination and evaluation of appropriate steps for successful therapy, our treatment is completed through a minimum number of very efficient interventions. We are competent in the management and treatment of dental caries, restorations in all areas of aesthetic dentistry, conservative direct restorations of fractured teeth, dental whitening, and a wide range of other interventions. An integral component of the Clinic’s activities is the care for pulpal/periapical diseases and the effectiveness of protocols used for managing them, including application of a new line of endodontic research into root canal treatment.

We constantly aspire to the highest quality patient care through the team effort of our dedicated and friendly staff. We are confident that our patient-oriented approach to dental care, using the latest methods, equipment, materials and the expertise of the University staff, will offer you the best choice; to visit us and secure your oral health care treatments at the Clinic for Restorative Dentistry and Endodontics.

Working hours:
7:30 am - 7:30 pm


Our clinic has the following facilities:
- A private room (one working position)
- A working room for routine operations (three working positions)
- Two working rooms for clinical practice (10 working positions)
- A working room for students' preclinical practice (10 working positions)

1. dr.spec Drita Vojnika - head od department

     1. prof. dr. Sonja Apostolska, PhD
     2. prof. dr. Lidija Popovska, PhD
doc dr. Ilijana Muratovska, PhD
     1. ass. dr. Pavlinka Aleksova, PhD
     3. ass. dr. Vasilka Rendzova, PhD
     4. ass. dr. Vesna Filipovska, MSc
     5. ass. dr. Marina Eftimoska, MSc
     1. ass. dr. Vera Stojanovska, PhD
     2. prim. dr. spec. Violeta Zafirovska
     3. prim. dr. spec. Mare Petrevska
     4. prim. dr. spec. Marija Gligorova Nedelkovska
     5. dr. spec. Misel Kiprovski
     6. dr. spec. Violeta Karanfilovik
     7. dr. spec. Dimitrula Hadzi Nikolova
     8. dr. spec. Milorad Lozanoski
     9. dr. spec. Elena Mirceva
     10. dr. spec.Nikolce Jovanovski
     11. dr. spec. Biljana Gjorgjieva
     12. dr. spec. Maja Dimitrova
     13. dr. spec. Dusanka Stefanovik
     14. dr. spec. Isni Redzepi
      1. dr. Marija Andonovska,  MSc
      2. dr. spec. Drita Vojnika
      3. dr. spec. Marija Borozan


1. First, control examination
2. Dental first aid
3. Teeth sensitivity examination and therapy
4. Amalgam restorations on one or more surfaces
5. Aesthetic restorations on one or more surfaces of all the teeth
6. Suprastructure of fractured teeth with aesthetic materials
7. Suprastructure of teeth with parapulpal core, with composite canal cores, radix anker etc.
8. Treatment of deep caries lesions by direct or indirect pulp capping
9. Vital and mortal pulpotomy
10. Vital pulpectomy of a single or multi-rooted canals
11. Mortal pulpectomy of a single or multi-rooted canals
12. Treatment of a single or multi-rooted canals with gangrenous pulp
13. Treatment of the apical parodontitis
14. Computer-made ceramic inlays
15. Composite inlays
16. Re-treatment of an unsuccessful canal therapy
17. Teeth whitening
18. Endodontic surgery
19. Preparation of proximal caries lesions and obturation with a ceramic Sonicsys inlay
20. Usage of most contemporary equipment in the diagnosis of early, invisible caries lesions

All of these treatments are conducted using the latest technical procedures and materials, by the professional team of the Clinic for Restorative Dentistry and Endodontics.


Patients can schedule check ups and dental interventions on the telephone number ++ 3892 3299 032.

Working hours:
7:30 a.m. – 7:30 p.m.

Clinic for Restorative Dentistry and Endodontics
PHC University Dental Clinical Centre St Pantelejmon
Vodnjanska 17
Skopje, R. Macedonia
Telephone number: ++ 3892 3299 032.


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