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 The Clinic for fixed prosthodontics at Public Health Institute - University Dental Clinical Center 

St. Pantelejmon  in Skopje offers specialized dental services from renominated professors, associate professors, assistants and doctors who continuously upgrade in their area. 

Rehabilitation of patients with various most modern prosthetic devices  for perfect  function and aesthetics are made.  Final therapeutic product is always wide patients smile.

Working hours:
7:30 am - 7:30 pm



The facilities in the clinic:

- Clinical fixed prosthetics
- Preclinical fixed prosthetics
- Dental laboratory for production of mobile prosthesis


1. ass. dr.sec.Svetlana Gaceva Cvetkova, PhD- head of department

     1. prof. dr.Jagoda Bajevska, PhD
prof. dr.Biljana Kapusevska, PhD
     2. prof. dr.Nikola Gigovski, PhD
     3. prof. dr.Vesna Korunoska Stevkovska, PhD
    1. ass. dr.Julijana Nikolovska, PhD

     1. ass. dr.Saso Jovanovski
     2. ass. dr.Emilija Bajraktarova Veljakova, MSc
     3. ass. dr.Marjan Petkov, MSc
     4. ass. dr. Natasa Stavreva, MSc
     5.  ass. dr. Aneta Mijoska
     6. ass. dr.Vesna Jurukovska Sotarovska
     7. ass. dr.Dragan Petrovski
     8. ass. dr.Svetlana Gaceva Cvetkova     
     9. ass. dr.Igor stoev
     10. ass. dr.Andreja Jovanovski
     1. dr.spec. Milisav Sotirovik
     2. dr.spec. Irena Filjanska
     3. dr.spec. Fljorent Baftijari
     4. dr. spec. Kiro Stefanovski
     1. dr.Borjan Naumovski


Diagnosis and treatment of patients who require:

1. posts
2. crowns
- porcelain fused to metal crowns
- all-ceramic
3. laminates
- standard
- ceramic
4. bridges and constructions
- standard
- porcelain fused to metal bridges and constructions
5. all ceramic constructions

Our modern dental laboratory at the department for fixed prosthodontics is committed to the production of top quality prosthodontic restorations. A team of 21 dental and 5 master dental technicians are dedicated to the fabrication of state-of-the-art fixed prostodontic restorations, made of high quality materials.

Our dental technician team is always friendly and available to offer personalized assistance, meeting all your needs as a patient. Our high manufacturing standards are maintained through continuing education and specialization, keeping up with modern advances, which are certified by numerous world leading brands in the field of dental technology.

We can offer fabrication of following restorations:
1. porcelain fused to metal crowns and bridges
2. porcelain fused to metal onlays and inlays
3. all-ceramic onlays, inlays and veneers
4. milling technique
5. use of all kinds of dental attachments

This wide range of services is maintained with the cooperation of renowned professors, docents, scientific associates and assistants, aiming to meet all the needs and requirements of our patients.

We see ourselves as your partner in the interest of the health and esthetics of your teeth!


Patients can schedule check ups and dental interventions on the telephone number
++ 3892 3299 017.

Working hours:
7:30 a.m. 7:30 p.m.


Clinic for Fixed Dental Prosthetics
University Dental Clinical Centre St. Pantelejmon
Majka Tereza 17
Telephone number: ++ 3892 3299 017.


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