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The Clinic for Orthodontics follows and applies the latest methods in the orthodontic field and science, not only in the education of students, recent-graduates, candidates for a master's or a doctoral degree in stomatology, but also in daily practice. The clinic uses all contemporary diagnostic methods in discovering the etiological factors which impair normal growth and development in the orofacial region, which can lead to malocclusions. By applying different methods from the static and mobile orthodontic technique, our aim is to correct the dentoalveolar and jaw deformities, as well as to improve the patient's aesthetic appearance. The Clinic of Orthodontics is actively included in the orthodontic-surgical treatment of patients with cleft palates, whose number is unfortunately increasing.

We pay special attention to satisfying both the aesthetic and functional correction with individuals who have different degrees of malocclusions. Besides working on aesthetic and functional correction with the adult population, we also work on the prevention of the parodontopathy, as well as preparing the patient for a prosthetic rehabilitation.

A highly educated professional team takes care of these needs.

Working hours:
7:30 a.m. - 7:30 p.m.


The facilities in the clinic:
- A private room equipped with one working position
- A working room for routine operations equipped with three working positions
- A working room equipped with ten working positions
- A room for preclinical training
- A dental laboratory
- A dental laboratory for practical training

 as. dr. Gabriela Kjurcieva Chuckova, PhD, head of Department

     1. prof. dr. Lidija Kanurkova, PhD
     1. doc.  dr.
Cvetanka Misevska, PhD, PhD
     1.as. dr. Natasa Toseska Spasova, PhD
     2. as. dr. Biljana Dzipunova, PhD
     3.  as. dr. Irena Gavrilovik, PhD
     4. as. dr. Biljana Bogdanovska, MSc
     5. as. dr. Sofija Carceva Salja, MSc
     6. as. dr. Jasna Petrovska
     7. as. dr. Maneva Marija
     1. dr. spec. Bojana Daskalova, MSc 
     2. dr. spec. Elena Petrova, MSc
     3. dr. spec. Pavlina Mufisovska Stojmenova
     4. dr. spec. Ajse Redzep
     5. dr. spec.Maja Radeva
     6. dr. spec. Bisera Lazarevska
     7. dr. spec. Meduse Bektesi Sulimani
     8. dr. spec. Ferija Sali
     9. dr. spec. Vesna Andreevska
     10. dr. spec. Daniela Srbinoska
      1. dr. Gazmend Jusufi


1. Specialist examination of patients, with complete medical documentation, and an x-ray diagnosis (panoramic radiography, retroalveolar x-ray, occlusal x-ray, dental profile x-ray , x-ray graphics of hand);
2. Anatomic impression of the patient and manufacturing of a study model;
3. Gnatometric analysis of the study model and completion of the final diagnosis;
4. Analysis of x-rays;
5. Preventive orthodontic measurements;
6. Integrative orthodontic therapy, myofunctional practice and usage of interceptive apparatuses: inclined plane, chin holder, practice with spatula, area holder, vestibule plate, selective teeth scrape;
7. Treatment of jaw and teeth anomalies with an active mobile apparatuses;
8. Treatment of jaw and dental anomalies with an functional apparatuses (activators according to Andersen-Houple, bionators according to Balters, apparatus according to Stockfisch, Karwetzky, Grude, Bimller, regulator of the function according to Frankel, Twin-block apparatus, positioners);
9. Treatment of jaw and dental anomalies with fixed orthodontic apparatuses (edgewise technique, technique of a straight arch, lingual and palatal arches guskarijan arch);
10. Orthodontic apparatuses for quick maxillar expansion (palate splitting apparatus with Nugah screw, Quad helix);
11. Treatment of particularly bad states of jaw and teeth anomalies by using the Headgear, Delayer's mask;
12. Preoperative and postoperative treatment of patients with cheilo-gnatho-palatoschisis (production of obturators, active orthodontic treatment with mobile and fixed orthodontic apparatuses);
13. Treatment of patients with syndromes in the orofacial region;
14. Orthodontic- surgical treatment of impacted teeth (canines, incisors, molars, third molars);
15. Orthodontic treatment of patients with a dysfunction of TMJ and fracture of the column mandibule;
16. Treatment of patients with bruxism;
17. Orthodontic prosthetic treatment of patients;
18. Adult orthodontics;

All treatments are conducted with the most modern techniques, technological procedures, materials techniques, conditions, and a highly educated orthodontic team.


Patients can schedule orthodontic check ups, advice and interventions on the telephone number 02-3299 011.

Working hours:
7:30 am 7:30 pm


Clinic of orthodontics
University stomatologic clinical centre St. Pantelejmon
Vodnjanska 17
Telephone number: 02-3299 011
e-mail: contact@univdentalclinic.org.mk

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