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If you notice:
- inflamed, swollen gums;
- bleeding gum;
- reduced bone level;
- loose teeth;
- teeth tartar;
- problems with your lips;
- problems with the mucous membrane of the mouth;
- problems with your tongue;

Our highly educated, professional team will solve your problems and make your smile beautiful and healthy again, in no time. If you would like advice on the best use of products for oral care (interdental toothbrush, dental floss, interdental stripes, tongue cleaners, antiplaque solutions for mouth rinsing) our team will be glad to give you instructions.

The department is again served by highly educated professional team.

Working hours: 7:30 am - 7:30 pm


The facilities in the clinic:

1. Department of  periodontology
2. Department of  oral pathology
3.Department of  physical and focal therapy

  dr. spec.
Zendeli  Bedzeti, PhD, head od Department

    1. prof. dr. Mirjana Popovska, PhD.
    2. prof. dr. Kiro Ivanovski, PhD.
    3. prof. dr. Silvana Georgieva, PhD.
    4. prof. dr. Maja Pandilova, PhD.
    5. prof. dr. Snezana Pesevska, PhD.
    6. prof. dr. Aneta Atanasovska Stojanovska, PhD.
     1. ass. dr. Vera Radojkova Nikolova, PhD.
     2. ass. dr. Stevica Ristovska, PhD.
     3. ass. dr. Katerina Dirjanska, PhD.
     4. ass. dr. Sonja Mindova, PhD.
     5. ass. dr. Kristina Mitik Mitik , PhD.
     6. ass. dr. Emilija Stefanovska, PhD.
     1. prim. spec. dr. Ljupce Poposki
     2. dr. Mirjana Perkovska Bibanovska, MSc.
     3. dr. spec. Saska Todorovska  
     1. dr. spec.Marija Ivanovska
     2. dr. Biljana Rusevska


All the therapeutic treatments are conducted by the most contemporary procedures, materials, conditions and by the best educated professional team.

1. Department of periodontology
 - Conservation treatment of peridontitis
 - Mucogingival surgical interventions
 - The most modern surgery methods in the regenerative and corrective periodontology

2. Department of  oral pathology:
 - Diagnosis of oral diseases
 - Therapy of oral diseases
 - Additional accessory diagnostics and therapy procedures

3. Department of  physical and focal therapy
 - Laser treatment of the oral mucous membrane
 - Laser treatment of the gums
 - Laser treatment of the periodontal disease
 - Electrophoretic treatment of the gums
 - Electrophoretic treatment of the periodontal disease - electroodonto diagnostics
 - Electrocution Gelen test
 - Measurement of the corrosive potential
 - Diagnosis of the focal infection and the intraoral seat of the infection through: anamnesis, clinical test, RTT finding, diagnostic tests, laboratory analysis, and inter-disciplinary clinical cooperation
 - Treatment of the intraoral seat of the infection and the focal infection


Patients can schedule check-ups and dental
interventions on the telephone number ++3892 3299 041.

Working hours:
 7:30 a.m. 7:30 p.m.


Clinic for Oral and Periodontal Diseases
University dental clinical centre St. Pantelejmon
Majka Tereza 17
Skopje R. Macedonia
Telephone number: ++3892 3299 041 


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