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Macedonian patients make first contact with our clinic at the main Reception Department which is located on the ground floor of the Dental Clinical Centre. All necessary information can be obtained here.

At the main Reception Department all patients are registered at their first visit and directed to the appropriate clinic.

Patient reception

The Dental Clinic Centre works in two shifts from 07:30 to 19:00 hours. There is also a weekend duty emergency service, also on service during the weekends and on holidays.


The institute for science and research is a separate unit of the PHI University dental centre St.Pantelejmon and exists for more than a decade. Its domain is the development and promotion of science and research.

Besides science and research, this institute explores and develops scientific projects in the field of Dentistry.

A library, with extensive modern literature from domestic and international authors, as well as scientific periodicals, and publications, is a part of this institute. It is linked via the internet with renowned international libraries, enabling access to news and research from the dental science from all over the world.


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